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One of the easiest ways to get started with pktvisor is to use the public docker image. The image contains the collector agent (pktvisord), the command line UI (pktvisor-cli), and the pcap file analyzer (pktvisor-pcap). When running the container, you specify which tool to run.

  1. Pull the container
docker pull ns1labs/pktvisor
  1. Start the collector agent

This will start in the background and stay running. Note that the final two arguments select pktvisord agent and the eth0 ethernet interface for packet capture. You may substitute eth0 for any known interface on your device. Note that this step requires docker host networking to observe traffic outside the container, and that currently only Linux supports host networking:

docker run --net=host -d ns1labs/pktvisor pktvisord eth0

If the container does not stay running, check the docker logs output.

  1. Run the command line UI

After the agent is running, you can observe results locally with the included command line UI. This command will run the UI (pktvisor-cli) in the foreground, and exit when Ctrl-C is pressed. It connects to the running agent locally using the built in REST API.

docker run -it --rm --net=host ns1labs/pktvisor pktvisor-cli

Linux Static Binary (AppImage)

You may also use the Linux static binary, built with AppImage, which is available for download on the Releases page. It is designed to work on all modern Linux distributions and does not require installation or any other dependencies.

curl -L -o pktvisor-x86_64.AppImage
chmod +x pktvisor-x86_64.AppImage
./pktvisor-x86_64.AppImage pktvisord -h

For example, to run the agent on ethernet interface eth0:

./pktvisor-x86_64.AppImage pktvisord eth0

The AppImage contains the collector agent (pktvisord), the command line UI (pktvisor-cli), and the pcap file analyzer (pktvisor-pcap). You can specify which tool to run by passing it as the first argument:

For example, to visualize the running agent started above with the pktvisor command line UI:

./pktvisor-x86_64.AppImage pktvisor-cli

Note that when running the AppImage version of the agent, you may want to use the -d argument to daemonize (run in the background), and either the --log-file or --syslog argument to record logs.

Also see Advanced Agent Example.

Other Platforms

If you are unable to use the Docker container or the Linux binary, then you will have to build your own executable, please see the Build section below.

If you have a preferred installation method that you would like to see support for, please create an issue.